The Gold package includes:

8 hours of continuous coverage included. You can add an additional hour or split your hours in 2 for an additional $100


Your event will be covered by one of our professional, hand picked videographer. We use HD and 4K professional cameras for best image quality. To achieve multi-angle coverage, we recommend adding a 2nd camera ($100) or a 2nd videographer (from $395)


Lapel/Lavaliere Mic worn by the Groom during the Ceremony. Used to capture your vows clearly. Please note that this microphone is for video purposes only and will only be wirelessly connected to our camera


Edited documentary style (chronologically). Starts with an opening scene set to music of your choice with opening credits. It is followed by the ceremony and reception with live audio (no background music added). You can add 3-5 minutes Cinematic Highlights for $200.

Add Cinematic Wedding Highlights for only $200. Here’s a sample:

GOLD -- 8 Hrs Continuous ($895)

Cinematic Wedding Highlights ($200)

Split Coverage ($100)

2nd Camera -- Stationary ($100)

2nd Videographer -- 8 Hrs ($695)

Physical Discs ($50)

Raw Footage ($50)



This is an estimate based on your selections

  • Coverage is only for the day of the event. We do not go past 11:59pm as it will be considered as a different day.
  • Hours of coverage are continuous and can only be broken in 2 for $100 fee. Coverage can only be split in full hours, not minutes, and used the same day. Maximum break between both coverage is 3 hours. Second coverage cannot start after wedding party introductions at the reception.
  • Feature movie includes an Opening scene with titles set to music, Photo session and cocktail hour set to music, full ceremony and reception with live audio. Physical discs include a Main Menu, a Scene Selection menu and a custom case.
  • The Cinematic Wedding Highlight (or Highlight Reel, or Wedding Day Recap) is a 3 to 5 minutes video summary of your wedding day set to music. For a good cinematic highlight, we recommend having your photo session covered
  • If added, 2nd camera (stationary) will be used during the entire ceremony and also reception up until the end of first dances
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